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About: Who Can Benefit From this Website


About: Who Can Benefit From this W

  • is a one-stop resource for everything Italian and Italian American in California with directories with useful links to Italian and Italian American social, cultural, charitable and professional organizations, to Italian neighborhoods and enclaves in California, to museums and cultural centers, to Italian businesses, and to sources about the history of Italians in the Golden State. As such, this website is useful for a number of different types of users, including:

  • Academics, researchers and students of Italian and Italian American history and culture: you will find the listings and links here useful for your research,

  • Travelers visiting California and looking for a bit of Italian and/or Italian American heritage here: you can find listings and links about Italian neighborhoods, festivals, museums, businesses, and more,

  • Organizations of all kinds and businesses looking for some complimentary advertising and wanting to be exposed to yet another internet audience: you will find this site yet another way to get more free exposure,

  • Italophiles and patrons of Italian and Italian American culture: you will find this site quite useful and can even see news and culture from modern Italy.

  • People looking for consulate assistance: there are links to the Italian Consulates in California here.

Join our listings FREE! You can list your business, nonprofit, festival, museum, and more here for free! Why? CONTENT. "Content is king," so they say, with the proper type and amount of content, we can attract more visitors to our website. That not only translates into more potential customers or results for you, but with the right amount of website visitors we can make revenue through other types of advertising, including Google AdSense, sponsored content, and more! We are non-political and non-partisan, our goal is simply to give yet more exposure to the Italian American community of California, so rest assured you will never find yourself in a controversy by being associated with For more information, please fill out the Contact sheet here or email us at Grazie!

-Christopher Forte,

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