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Monday, April 24, 2023

San Diego's Italian Church Celebrates the Feast of Saint Joseph

SAN DIEGO- Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in San Diego's Little Italy is not only a designated Italian National Parish but is also home to a Saint Joseph's Society, thus every year the parish has a big celebration for the Feast of Saint Joseph, also known as La Festa di San Giuseppe, or La Tavola di San Giuseppe, Saint Joseph's Table. There is a special Mass with a presentation from the society afterwards, a procession, and a luncheon in the hall. I could not make it this year however, I am sure it was celebrated with a heavy heart having just lost our beloved pastor, Fr. Louis Solcia (see here). 


"There are several versions of how the Table came to be. Some sources date it to events in 1262 or 1268. One of the most-repeated accounts describes a famine or drought in Sicily leading landowners or farmers to promise St. Joseph that if his intercession brought about rain, they would serve a free meal to the local vergineddi (little needy children) or vicchiareddi (old people). This is reflected even today in the practice of all donations or proceeds from the meal being given to the poor, or a charity." Read More Here.

I am not a professional videographer, but you may still enjoy the cell phone video below of parts of the 2019 St. Joseph's Day Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary, San Diego. This is a short clip of the opening procession. You can view the full video here.

There are more photos here. And you can read about St. Joseph's Day here.

Our Lady of the Rosary is located at 1629 Columbia St. San Diego, CA 92101


Phone: 619-234-4820


Grazie! Auguri!

More video here.
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